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The implementation differs from my proposed solution in the issue since the token renewal process is to tightly coupled with the OAuth2Swift class. WaitForExpectationsWithTimeout ( self. Now the OAuthSwiftClient exposes a callback property which can be set to handle expired/ invalid tokens and will retry the request via. Reload to refresh your session.
Currently only errors that could be returned from SyncUser. If it' s not getting called, then your ATS configuration is still not correct. Calling callbacks is not the only pattern available to perform asynchronous operations, delegation is an option as well. This PR aims to make the access token renewal process transparent to clients of this library as discussed in # 217.

Waitforexpectationswithtimeout error error. Changes from 1 commit. Feature - TLS Evaluation through Server Trust Policy # 581.

You signed in with another tab or window. To refresh your session. For its expectations to be fulfilled via the XCTestCase method waitForExpectationsWithTimeout:. Are handled: RLMSyncAuthErrorInvalidCredential the previous post of the Practical Testing in Swift series we saw how to test asynchronous code that calls a callback using XCTest. Hi Set a breakpoint in the serverTrustPolicyForHost method in the ServerTrustPolicyManager class to see if it' s getting called. Asynchronous Testing With Xcode 6. Show all changes 11 commits.
Sep 11 • iOS In, Apple shipped a revamped testing framework in Xcode called XCTest there was much rejoicing. Merged Feature - TLS Evaluation through Server Trust Policy # 581. You signed out in another tab or window.

DefaultTimeout, handler: nil). If it is, then you have ATS most likely configured correctly. In fact Cocoa Cocoa Touch use the.

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WaitForExpectationsWithTimeout crashes. I am trying to test an asynchronous request with XCTest and so using expectationWithDescription:.
Yet when waitForExpectationsWithTimeout is called it immediately crashes without even waiting for the timeout. I even tried putting the fulfill operation soon after just to exclude a.
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I' m using XCTestExpectations in Xcode 6 ( Beta 5) for asynchronous testing. All my asynchronous tests pass individually every time I run them. However, when I try to run my entire suite, some tests. I' ve seen the same problem in an XCTestCase that used dispatch_ after and even through the exception breakpoint was the same line as waitForExpectationsWithTimeout the test case was crashing because of a downcast on a nil object.

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This method creates a point of synchronization in the flow of a test. Only one wait For Expectations With Timeout: handler: can be active at any given time, but multiple discrete sequences of “ create expectations and wait for them to be fulfilled” can be chained together.

This method waits on expectations created with XCTest Case ’ s convenience methods only. Shouln' t get to here anyway.
fulfill( ) } waitForExpectationsWithTimeout( 3.

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0, handler: nil) } Finally, I have an accessible property on my RequestManager class that I can swap out with the MockSession when doing my tests. Here it does not crash or cause a problem however due to the lack of official documentation it is probably safer to stick to the same queue to v 06, · After pressing a button that loads a new page I get an error saying " UI Testing Failure - Failed to get refreshed snapshot" The previous page where I.
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